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The Armory is an integrated digital and audio arts incubator featuring a full HD, multi-cam, hifi, projection and lighting enabled live-streaming performance and e-broadcast event venue. 


The main room is 100’x75’ with 34’ ceilings, power distribution, and beams for hanging up to 5,000lbs.  

The large space enables us to maintain proper social distancing and safety measures while producing world class digital, audio, and performance content.

The room features a 12,500 lumen laser projector, the Panasonic PTRZ120, and three 4,500 lumen Viewsonic LS830 ultra short throw laser projectors on 18’x30’ surfaces. 


  • Recording Studio

  • Lighting Lab

  • Workspaces

  • Computer Lab

  • 3 Story Open Air Showroom

  • State-of-the-art Tech

  • 13k SF

The Armory is a hybrid analog/digital studio.  32 channels of audio run via a 180’ snake directly into analog patchbay, and then into the Yamaha PM 2000 mixing console in the control room.  The PM 2000 is Class A, discrete, point to point soldered, and handmade in Japan in the mid 1980s. 


The preamps are throaty and warm and add the best of analog color and feel to all signal passing through.  The console spent most of its early career mixing Gordon Lightfoot, and other contemporary Canadian musical icons.

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